here we go. a glimpse into the new work. something called Before The Trouble...

we were passing through Chicago en route to California. we stumbled upon one of the coolest open mic scenes we have ever been a part of. this is a bit of poetry from that night.

I bought a coffee mug. It said "insulated". It was not. It was just double walls of plastic molded around an 8oz reservoir. I felt cheated because I need more coffee than that. So I wrote this poem about planned obsolescence and shitty mugs and how the best thing we do with our factories these days are throw raves in them.

ONE HEROIC DOSE was recorded live at The Velvet Lounge on August 22, 2014. This is the opening poem titled Kaleidoscopes Exploding.

SHIFT is a poem written about the December 21st prophecies and our ascension to a higher moral ground.

What is wrong with us? Why does it have to be wrong?

RadioJ interviews Clarity about GenreClash 2012 and leads us into a brand new track from Ravalias...

Sights and sounds from GenreClash 2012 curated by Clarity and NewMuse Productions.


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