Hot Wire Heart moves through heartbreak and isolation and psychedelics and depression and arrives somewhere hopeful inside of a life in transit. The album was recorded behind microphones across the country and in the back of an RV buried deep in the mountains of Northern California. I feel that HWH embeds the experience in the moment and connects the listener to some visceral thing that lingers inside all of us. 


OHD is equal parts journey and destination. It's wisdom and whismy. It's part frantic part folly. It's more lizards and gizzards than blizzards and warfare. It's both scallop and simian. OHD is novelty. It's a conversation. With you. And you. It's experimental. It's risk. It's language and art. It's love. It loves. It moves. It's an invitation. It's an incantation. It's inventive. It's live. It's alive but it also dies. It's open...