NIGHT OF THE MEEK (a threshold meditation)

awake, a deep breath, circadian arrhythmia, a distraction, a bottle of wine, a blanket, a burning candle, a pine cone, a banana peel, glands, charred holy wood, a journal, a giraffe, two giraffes, an intention, a meteorite, a piece of paper, a piece of jasper, macramé, a necklace, a cucumber, a condom, a new perspective, a rear view, toothpaste, a dying battery, a light, hash, an approaching sun, a new year, a marathon, an old habit, a contradiction, a deprogramming, a sense, a noise, a pause, a hum, a buzz, flora, fauna, fungus, a pattern, more patterns, a sky, a womb, an egg, a birth, consciousness, a piece of furniture, revolution, an envelope, peppermint oil, a scarf, an avocado pit, more avocado pits, Bobo, a flame, hematite, love, love, lavender, sage, a rising milieu, myrrh, shifting in a chair, a fan blade, a house, a promise, a neighbor, stretching, ghee, ginger, honey, garlic, more garlic, mouthwash, whisky, cast iron, spinach, a cat, marzapan, longing, a lover, a locked door, a creek, a creep, a crispness, a stillness, history, roots, a path, mystery, bacon, a piano, maté, composition, decomposing fruit, flesh, carne asada, colloidal silver, ukatasana, salabhasana, dandayamana-bibhaktapada-jenusirasana, savasana, a mandolin, water, more water, water, an atom, fabric, the fabric, truth, trees, fire, a tool, a lesson, language, logos, a kind of insect, chikamasa, chaos, prayer, a book, a story, a tiger, fear, god, risk, vagina, agate, onyx, bamboo, coltan, connection, a crystal, a stick of incense, a poem, a prescription, a symptom, a signal, an explosion, antennae, a haircut, a phone call, a light bulb, a socket, a marker, a wrench, a dog, another dog, some more dogs, comma, comma, comma, comma, semi colon, transient noun, snow, a river, a map, a bag of frozen shrimp, Steve Martin, a scallop, a mountain, a microphone, some music, new music, old music, free music, magic, vulnerability, Facebook, virtue, dying, war, an illness, wellness, heat, healing, a bag of cheese, coffee, a shifting form, some bad news, eucalyptus, a box of coins, balance, a cork, a quark, a cork screw, a hangover, a jug of water with a lemon floating in it, cayenne pepper, 440 steel, quartz, vinegar, scotch, psilocybin, comma splice, muddy shoes, a headlamp, sauerkraut, probiotics, venison, nootropics, coconuts, cashews, a casino, two casinos, five casinos, a gangster, more gangsters, a mother, a friend, an orphan, an asshole, beer, a planet, comedy, a black whole, a comic, a comet, vanilla, lemon, porn, sea salt, meditation, McKenna, a glove, a decongestant, a mushroom, a mantra, a pile of clothes, a memory, more memories, debt, a pair of scissors, a shaman, the moon, the morning, the window, the condensation, the day, the one we measure, the way we measure, time and temperature, Amanita Muscaria, Ayhuasca, diaspora, singularity, the year of the horse, Moore’s Law, Mandlebrot sets, Hoffman’s Potion, Fibonacci, sacred geometry, DMT, ursa minor, rising ocean, resolution, fractals, math, compression, extension, plug in, control, panel, alter setting, altar settings, computation, illusion, entanglement, dance, poetry, poetry, conversation, conversion, words, art, art, dimensions, expectation, tension, patience, patience, intention, expression, vibration.