Lizards & Gizzards

turning minutes into moments
in the morning the poem opens.
this lingering purpose
is a song with a known chorus.
I'm signaling home
from a drone in the old circus
and co-mingling bone
with souls that have grown nervous.

forgive me the bedlam
I let develop in the bedroom.
it was isolated transformation
contemplating the tremendum. 

I'm sliding my fingers between 
the fleshy underbelly
of a fishy situation
and a land of wonder jelly.
these days are more lizards and gizzards
than blizzards and warfare.
you could say the missiles were positioned
and I'd say thay I won't care.

kaleidoscope notes 
got me bent on duality.
I'm manifesting imaginary 
magical realities
impenetrable to defenders 
of an old and dying galaxy
who wish to see me bludgeoned 
with a dull and dirty fallacy.

light, light, dark,
light, dark, dark, light.
it was me inside the mirror
turning off and on the night.
dark, dark, light,
dark, light, light, dark.
it was you outside with fear
and a monster's hand to walk.

and in this balance
every moon moved through me,
exposing the loudest silence    
of the ugliest beauty.