Isis / Eisenhhower

know thyself, 
beyond all roles and properties, 
know thy true self; 
all hearts in heaps
and hums and harmonies.
highs and deeps
and skies and sovereignties. 
lights and seas 
and tight rolled frequencies.

know your inner molecular monarch;
cellular ruler of inter-dimensional tough talk. 

there are seraphim looming between
the cerebrum and lunar beams;
we're lunar things
with pseudo wings,
from luna-sea to lunacy,
we move between what's lost at (see)
and swoon to ships of suffering.

we are the message    
inside the bottle
inside the ocean
inside a planet
inside a blanket
inside a darkness
inside a darkness
inside a light
in satellite

we are the maritime magicians
marrying time with wishes
fishing on stars turned fishes 
turned riches, turned guns.
turned missiles, turned vision,
turned heads become drums.

torn flesh becomes sand
and we dance under sun
to raise up the resonance 
suppressed by the Sons
of the Crown; 
Cortes and Columbus.
reclaim your stake in the hum 
the destruction took from us.

plug in to the latent rhythm
parenthetic on tickers,
we're bio-electromagnetic
with blisters!

shine a light on the shadow
of your psyche with art
and become who you are 
and come of out of the dark.

bring forth what is in you, 
what's brought forth is what saves you, 
withhold what is in you, 
what you withhold will enslave you.

know thyself, 
beyond all rules, without entropy,
know thy true self, 
that indigenous masterpiece.