Saying goodbye. Humans hate that shit. I know because I'm human and I hate that shit. When I was younger I avoided goodbyes like the plague. I can't even list how many endings I avoided or spaces I walked away from because I didn't have the courage...or whatever that thing is that bubbles up inside of us when things end. Lately it's been different. As I get older I try to confront all the shit I used to avoid and saying goodbye is definitely one of those things. It still stings kinda but it also kinda swells. I feel like wrapping things up builds character. I feel like its a higher moral ground and we're better for it somehow. It feels like perspective. I feel like it lends meaning to your relationship with the thing that's ending.

We're funny, us humans. We love holding on. We hate letting go. We view goodbyes as a certain kind of death and who doesn't spend their day avoiding death, right? If something in your life is ending (or if something needs to end) take time with that thing and honor the truth in it. Whatever that truth may's a part of you because it was a part of your life. Take the space to look it in the eye before walking away. Take the breath to say goodbye. I believe it gets us ready for whatever's next.

Thankful for all the beauties in my life. I feel a deep sense of brotherhood and sisterhood with so many of you and I'm just so truly grateful. If our paths have crossed in this life chances are I've learned something from you. For better or for worse. Chances are we've planted little seeds together and you should know that sometimes when you're not around I return to our garden to reap what we've sown. So many gardens. So much fruit of love dangling from our trees. So many varieties. 

To all the freaks and lovers and extroverts and timid folk. To all the weirdos and shoulders and crooks and drunks. To every inside joke and ephemeral laughter. To all the art and song and sun. For every moment that seemed mundane until wringing its true meaning out later on. To every sleepless night and shared epiphany. To every microphone and stage and basement and street corner. To all the whirling winds upon our fleshy boats as we sail around this place...big time love and gratitude for peppering my world with such honest love.

This is for you. And you too...I love you