I'm packing up my gear, heading toward whatever's next for me out here. A woman approaches me and asks my name, she introduces herself as Rosie. A small and charming, glowing waif of a woman. She asks my story. I talk to her about detachment and meaning. I tell her about quitting my job and driving cross country and then flying to Maui. I tell her about heart opening and that I really believe in becoming what we project and how I just want to become love in as many ways as possible.

She asks if she could give me a blessing...a whale blessing. I accept. I close my eyes and she begins; "I want you to remember 18 million years ago when you first got here..." I start to tremble immediately...I understood what she meant. She's holding my hands and guiding my breath. We're praying together. It's incredibly powerful. She asks if I would accept on offer of protection...a divine shield. I accept. I feel a force field wash over me. Intense. Big. Powerful. "Mother Maui called you here for a reason...and I'm here to remind you of your purpose. It's the same purpose that began with the whales..." I wish I could remember every word but that's not important here. I was able to receive her wholly in that moment.

I'm thinking of the whale tattoo on my arm. The one that John Liegey drew. The one shaped like Long Island. It must be 3 or 4 years old now. I'm finally owning it. It makes sense. A tattoo shaped like a whale shaped like where your from becomes so much more meaningful when you leave where your from. "It's where I'm from." I tell people.

She reminds me that if I keep my heart open the universe will continue to show me her magic in my waking life as well as in my dreams. I recall last night...that trippy astral projection event or whatever it was. I'm trying to make sense of it. She tells me to stop trying to make sense of things.

I'm sitting on a picnic table with my eyes closed holding hands with a stranger and I'm crying as she's pouring this unconditional love jug into my heart. I'm just filling up with love and a recalibrated sense of purpose. "you're gonna be amazing. people are going to listen to what you have to say."

A few exercises in tuning into what feels good and what feels bad. "think of think of bad." She reminds me to remember what each feels like and to how to listen to my heart when deciding which way to go. "you'll be provided for. you're gonna do just fine."

This is probably the most powerful experience of this journey so far. Rosie is amazing. And what I loved so much was how she wasn't all fluffy and hippy dippy but gave me a real grounding and palatable blessing that is still coursing through me.

She sang me a song. We hugged. I started writing this and she came back to offer me a tuna sandwich for the road. I'm gonna go have lunch with Rosie. I'll see you guys in the next town.