In the last year I've seen dozens of good people throw up their hands and make a sharp pivot toward a more meaningful and inspired existence. More and more people are waking up and leading with their heart and tuning back into the hum of wonder that propelled us as children. 

It's a bold and courageous move, it can be terrifying and lonely and uncertain, but amidst all the chaos and noise there is one promise of solace that is guaranteed...and that's love. If you project love you'll become love...everytime. That sentiment is so simple that I wish I could dress it up to sound less fluffy but it's so real. I don’t care if you worship Jesus or Buddha or Krishna or if you pray to a sock puppet or if you don't believe in anything at all, if your intention is pure and your heart is open you will create a reality of love so palpable that it will be unrecognizable to the rest of the muck in the world. 

To all my soldiers of light yawning and stretching in this new dawn, I feel you, I love you and I hold space for you in my heart. We're not alone.